Types of brassieres: names and photos

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind for a person who hears a combination of words underwear, is a bra. So it seems that everyone should know the differences between the types of bras and recognize them both in pictures and in real life. In fact, the types of women’s brassieres and the need to distinguish them sometimes embarrasses not only men, but also many women.

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To forget about this problem forever, we have prepared a small tutorial about brassieres and their names. So we present you the types of brassieres with photos.

Types of brassieres

1. Bralette

Bralette is a lace bra, made in the form of a top, without the traditional bones and inserts on the inner side of the cup. So if you want to find a bralet with push-up, you are unlikely to succeed. By the way, a bralet is another variant of the word, which is also used to describe this type of bra. Below you can see a photo of the bracelet, which will also help you understand what to wear the bracelet with.


If you’ve ever wondered who invented the bra, the answer to this question is most logical to give in this block. It’s because the first bra that was patented by Kress Crosby was more like a bra bra bra bra bra. Of course, at that time it was not lace, but only made of two handkerchiefs and a ribbon. But still, it was he and its creator who started the industry of women brassieres.

2. Bra

Bra. We have highlighted a separate item for him, although this is not quite correct. Some tend to divide women’s bras into sconces (a traditional bra with bones) and balconies. But this division is not quite correct, because the word bra in the English translation means bra. So the bra is the bra.

If we are guided by a well-established division, the bra of a sconces is a classic bra with triangular-shaped cups. Bra underwear today is represented by a large variety of models – both with and without bones, lace and smooth, etc.


3. Balconette

Balconette. Since we have already remembered this charming bra model, it is worth paying a little more attention to it. The balcony bra is easy to recognize by its widely diluted straps and the special shape of cups, which more support the chest from below. Different types of balcony brassieres allow you to choose a model for each woman, but the best balcony brassie looks on the breasts of size three or more. Balcony bra is good to wear under the clothes with a square neckline

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4. Korbey

The korbey bra is a model of a woman’s bra that is unknown to many people. Korbei is a kind of balcony, but even more open. Breast support here is also carried out at the expense of the lower part, and the fabric is difficult to close the nipples.


5. Bustier

The bustier is a kind of women’s bra that represents a short top. There are many kinds of brassieres: with and without straps, with and without bones, lace and smooth bra, etc. The main task of the bustier is to maintain and form a beautiful shape of the chest.


6. Strapless Brassieres

Strapless brassieres. For today, the clothes with open shoulders are very popular among women. Of course, we do not want to spoil this view with all kinds of straps, so different types of strapless brassieres come to the aid. They are attached to the body with a strong belt, which is designed to fix the bra as much as possible on the body, not allowing it to slip.

Strapless Brassieres

7. Band Bra

A special place among such brassieres is occupied by a gang bra. In fact, it is a rectangular piece of fabric, which has no straps. Gang bra mostly goes without bones and is more like a short top. The gangbang is well combined with light summer clothes with open shoulders.

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Band Bra

8. Fly Bra

The types of brassieres for the open back also include the so-called fly bra (literally means “fly bra” in English). The name of this model is quite justified, because it practically floats in the air, remaining completely invisible on the body. Fly bra consists of cups, which are connected to each other by lacing or in another way, there are no harness or sash. The bra is attached to the body by a sticky layer on the cups.

Fly Bra

So how do I wear a fly bra bra? To do this, simply remove the protective film covering the sticky layer from the bra and glue the bra to the dry body. Next, you need to adjust the fit. After using the bra, you should carefully remove it and glue it back onto the protective film. If you want to know more about fly bra, you can watch a video with detailed instructions on how to use and care for this bra.

9. Bra For Nursing And Pregnant Women

There are also various types of brassieres for breastfeeding and for pregnant women. During pregnancy and lactation period, a woman’s breasts become particularly sensitive and vulnerable. That is why brassieres for women in this position are made of soft, pleasant to the touch tissues that gently envelop and support the breasts. This bra relieves tension from the back and prevents stretch marks.

Bra For Nursing

Breasts for breastfeeding mothers have a special design – the fabric on the cups is movable, separately attached to the top of the bra and can be lowered if necessary. This allows a woman to breastfeed her baby without removing the whole bra.

Bra For Nursing

10. Boneless Bra

Nowadays, various types of boneless brassieres are gaining popularity among women. They can be small breasts bras with minimal support function and medium size breasts bras. The latter are supported by a thickened fabric and sturdy straps. These brassieres do not exert any pressure or strain on the breasts. Sutureless bras can also be found among bras without bones, which are as discreet as possible under the clothes and create the feeling of a second skin.

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Boneless Bra

11. Sports bra

Sports bra. Designed for active physical activity and intense sweating. Sports tops and bras fix your chest in a static position due to the dense fabric, special inserts and reliable straps.

Sports bra

12. Vanderbra

Among the types of brassieres with furs and special attention should be paid to brassieres with the deepest neckline (vanderbra). They lift and move the chest to the center, with the fabric between the cups lowered down and not visible in clothes with a V-neck.


14. Big chest brassieres

Bras for big breasts. Women with lush forms do not always show them off, but on the contrary – sometimes try to hide them a little. Closed brassieres and minimalist brassieres were invented for this purpose. A closed bra closes your chest as much as possible and collects it, creating a beautiful shape. The minimalist brassieres, in turn, slightly retract the chest, visually reducing it by size two.

Big chest brassieres

As you have probably noticed, there are many types of women’s brassieres and how to choose the most comfortable and attractive one may seem to be a rather problematic question. In fact, it is not that difficult. Everything comes with practice, so you just need to try on different models and determine which ones best support and emphasize your breasts.

Big chest brassieres
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