Why do women’s stockings add sexiness?

women's stockings

Stockings are an integral part of a sexual closet. At least one pair of stockings must be found in each of the ladies of the sex. Initially, this item of clothing worn exclusively by men, but at some point the stockings went to women and began to cause a great delight in both sexes. Why do women’s stockings add sexiness and confidence, and make the heart beat more often?

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The history of the stockings

The history of the stockings

As already mentioned, previously stockings could only be found in men. They were used as tightswear to avoid rubbing their feet in the boots. For the first time, Arabs became the manufacturer of stockings. A little later, a convenient product migrated to the closet of Europeans.

In the XIV century women were also allowed to wear stockings. At first, they were short and held at the expense of garters on the knee. After a while, the length of stockings increased and they began to be decorated with lace and precious stones. In 1589 the world saw a special knitting machine for stockings. It was invented by an Englishman Lius to make his wife’s work easier. Before that, a woman made her living by hand knitting.

During the reign of Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, best known as the Marquise de Pompadour, lace women’s stockings became fashionable. For example, King Louis XIV preferred to wear red or light blue stockings. Then there was even a special symbolism of color. For example, blue stockings were worn by women who liked to take part in scientific conversations. As you know, the word combination “blue stocking” later became phraseology.

The history of the stockings

Most likely, the sexuality of stockings began back in those days when this element of clothing was mostly hidden from the eye under the lush skirts of medieval fashion. The length of dresses for several centuries hid women’s legs. The situation changed only after World War I.

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The history of the stockings

Skirts became shorter and, accordingly, women’s stockings were seen by the whole world. Since then, this closet item turned into a kind of fetish. Stocking products were made of silk, film, cotton and viscose. They were a variety of colors and styles, handmade and machine work, monochrome, with embroidery or ornament. In other words, it was possible to choose a hosiery for every taste. The most expensive models reached the price tag of $9.

In 1939, when the industry was introduced nylon, the DuPont company on the first day managed to sell 4 million pairs of stockings. The whole beauty of nylon stockings was that they were transparent, durable and cheap. During the Second World War, the DuPont plant was converted to the production of parachutes, ropes and cables for airplanes. That is why during these years, women drew straight seams on their feet with an eyebrow pencil, imitating nylon stockings.

The history of the stockings

In the 1950s, production of stockings was resumed, and in 9 years DuPont produced elastic spandex fiber. Women’s stockings were held on their feet thanks to garters made of tape or a special belt, to which they were attached with laces or elastic bands with clasps. In the 1960s, short skirts became fashionable, so the first tights were invented.

Why women’s stockings are sexy?

stockings are sexy

After a while, women’s stockings became not only an ordinary closet item, but also a symbol of sexuality. Despite the fact that they are not as practical to wear as tights, women from around the world still continue to buy stockings. It should be noted that this piece of clothing has also become a common object of sexual fetishism.

The stockings have quite a few limitations. For example, they are not worn under the narrow pants. They suggest wearing dresses or skirts, but also a certain length, so that the woman did not look too vulgar. Also, under the stockings, you are unlikely to wear cotton underwear. A lace set here asks for itself. And in this kind of lingerie, a woman begins to feel completely different. It is worth noting that, if the representative of the fair sex will wear stockings at least once, then most likely, she will wear them again.

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Wearing stockings has a rather strong impression not only on the woman, but also on her partner. For the sake of this change of self-perception, ladies are ready to change the practicality of jeans and pants for the inconvenience of skirts and dresses. Even the most pretentious lace tights are not able to resist the level of sexuality of ordinary stockings.

stockings are sexy

Psychologists believe that women’s stockings reveal the romantic nature of nature, because wearing stockings mentally brings the fair sex back to the era of narrow corsets and lush dresses. It is these feelings that influence women’s behavior in society. After all, in a skirt or dress, she even begins to move differently.

In addition, the more restrictions are present in clothing, the more women resort to wearing stockings. For example, this applies to areas of activity in which women have to wear strict business suits. Stockings in this case make the image mysterious and attractive. After all, none of those present knows that under the skirt there is a strip of naked skin. This quiet rebellion against the framework of public morality and makes stockings so special.

stockings are sexy

Women’s stockings also define the rules of sexual play. Thanks to them, the woman feels both dressed and undressed at the same time. In addition, this element of clothing promotes two-way excitement: the man is excited because he sees the stockings or knows about their presence, and the woman – because she wears them. Thanks to the stockings, the genital area remains open, which symbolically suggests a woman’s willingness to have sex here and now.

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All in all, just gives this effect of sexuality. The spicy mystery makes a woman’s behavior more playful. Everyone knows the fact that men love with their eyes. Therefore, the man’s interest increases when he notices a lace strip under his skirt or a fragment of bare skin. A woman, on the contrary, is more sensitive to tactile sensations. And stockings, especially if they have a belt, constantly remind the lady of her presence, which in turn supports a slight excitement and sexual mood.

stockings are sexy

Women’s stockings have long since become an indispensable attribute of sexual play. Powerful excitement also have belts, bands, straps and garters. It is possible that these elements are associated with control and management in men. That is why stockings for hundreds of years, not only add to women’s sexuality and confidence, but also make men excited by the mere thought of their presence.

stockings are sexy
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